2009 Bible Conference on Creation

Victory Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri

August 4-6, 2009

All sermons are in MP3 format.  Left click to play - right click to "save as" - and download.

Authority of Scripture in the Matter of Origins, Bill Lee  
Creation and Faith, Dan Chamberlin  
Attempts at compromise - J. C. Settlemoir  
Christ & Creation - Dan Chamberlin  
Does true science conflict with God's word - Paul Brown  
Why Evolution is Wrong - Roger Dohrer  
Origins & Morality - Royce Smith  
Miscellaneous Matters - Dinosaurs - Paul Brown  
How long did creation take - Royce Smith  
Was Charles Darwin a Christian - Roger Dohrer  
The Origin of Man - Bill Lee  
The Wonders of Creation - J. C. Settlemoir