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 JOSEPH CHARLES PHILPOT was born at Ripple, Kent (where his father was rector) on September 13th, 1802. Educated at Oxford University, he was elected a fellow of Worcester College, and appeared to have a brilliant scholastic career before him. But the Lordís purposes being otherwise, he was brought into solemn concern spiritually and led into a deep and gracious understanding of the truth.

He first preached in the Established Church at Stadhampton (Oxfordshire). In 1835, however, he was constrained, for the truth's sake, to sever his connection with the Church of England and to resign his curacy and his fellowship. The letter to the provost stating his reasons was published and went into several editions. The same year, he was baptized by John Warburton at Allington (Wilts). The rest of his life was spent labouring among the Strict Baptists. For 26 years, he held a joint pastorate at Stamford (Lines.) and Oakham (Rutland). Though of a weak constitution, he also preached to large congregations throughout the country, especially in London and in Wiltshire. His preaching was marked by clear views of gospel truth; an ability to set forth the deepest truths in a simple manner; a wealth of similes from nature to open up and explain the things of God; and a clear discernment of the vital distinction between a mere profession of Christ and a true saving knowledge of Him. For over twenty years, he was editor of "The Gospel Standard", where many of his sermons first appeared. Here he ably contended for truth and refuted error, and in his reviews, addresses and meditations maintained a remarkably high standard, both literary and spiritual.

Ill health made necessary his removal to Croydon for the last five years of his life. Here he died on December 9th, 1869, and was buried in Croydon Cemetery by his friend, Francis Covell.


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