Hidden Hills Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

Kylie - Her Baptism

Located in the beautiful "Hidden Hills" of Alaska's Talkeetna Mountains

A historic, Sovereign Grace, Landmark Missionary Baptist Church preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the King James Bible

Our Mailing Address:  HC 89, Box 1412, Willow, Alaska  99688-9604
Telephone:  907-495-5905 or 907-315-0444    
Our Pastors:  Bro. Leon King & Bro. Craig Thurman
Leon King's E-Mail address:  leonking47@msn.com or leonking@hiddenhillssgbaptistchurch.org
Craig Thurman's E-Mail address: brercraig@mtaonline.net
Services:  Sunday:  12:00 PM        Wednesday:  7:00 PM
The church building is located 3.7 miles east of the Parks Highway.  Turn east at Mile 87.1 (Sheep Creek Lodge is @ Mile 88) on Hidden Hills Access Road and drive to Lostaspinner Street.  Turn left - after first curve, the road becomes Passthebait Ave. Drive to stop sign at Bendapole Road.  Turn right and drive one-tenth of a mile to Missionary Baptist Court.


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